Thursday, December 15, 2011

Please Just Do Your Damn Job

Let me just start by saying that I love the secretary at my office, but today she made me want to jab pencils into my eye sockets.  She's a sweet lady, but she sometimes she isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. 

Lately she seems to be less and less competent at her job. A mistake here, a mistake biggie, we all do it.  Today was just ridiculous.  I swear the woman asked me the world's dumbest questions.  Things that if she stopped for 2 minutes and thought about she would know the answer to.

Not only was today "stupid, asinine question day" but it was apparently also "can you do my job for me day."  Now, I am not the type of person who is "too good" to do secretarial work.  There are a lot of things that fall under her job description that I do, just because it is quicker to do myself than to explain to her.  However, I am busy doing my own work and her job is to do the little things that make work easier for the rest of us, so when she starts laying off her work on me, I get annoyed.  Today she asked asked me if I had copied some papers that she gave me.  No, I did not copy the papers...that is her freaking job.  Why the hell would I copy papers to put in a file...especially since she gave them to me.  She is supposed to copy them and put them in the file.  Not to be a hag about it, but I am not the copy bitch. 

Then, she puts a new policy on my desk.  Normal procedure is that she checks them over and then gives them to me to sign and send to the client.  If something is wrong, she puts a sticky note on it to alert me to the problem.  This time I get the policy with no note, so I should assume that all I have to do is sign it.  Um, not so much.  The premium was way off the quote and she didn't even bother to question it.  Basically, she just opened the mail and threw it on my desk without glancing at it. 

Later, she transfers a client phone call to me because the client wanted to know their deductible and she wasn't sure if it was okay to tell them.  Are you kidding me?!  No, please, don't tell the client anything about THEIR policy.  It's not exactly classified information.   I guess doing her job was cutting into her facebook time.  Really, it was just one thing after another with her today.  It got to the point that I had to "run out and do some errands" ie: drive around, have a smoke and try to avoid throwing office supplies at her.  I really try not to get frustrated with her because I like her as a person, but today it took every last shred of self control not lose it.  Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day for both of us.  I really like my stapler and would hate to break it if I throw it at her.

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